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Flint the Time Detective


Original Air Date:
FOX Family
Prod. Co.:
Saban Entertainment

Characters & Voices
Flint Hammerhead - R. Martin Klein
Tony Goodman - Brian Donovan
Sara Goodman - Tifanie Christun
Petra Fina - Barbara Goodson
Dr. Bernard Goodman - Richard Cansino
Rocky Hammerhead - Bob Pappenbrook
Entitled "Jikuu Tantei Genshi-kun" ("Space-Time Detective Genshi")

This show is about a young Boy named Flint who, along with his father back in prehistoric times, were transformed into fossils. In modern day, these fossils were unearthed by Dr. Goodman who was able to de-fossilize Flint, but not Flint's dad, at least not completely. Rocky, still in a rock-like form, was turned into a powerful granite axe for Flint to use against enemies. Dr. Goodman, along with his neice and nephew, run the Bureau of Space and Time. The organization sends Time Police throughout time to stop the evil Petra from stealing small creatures that can become big problems.
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