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First Easter Egg, The


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Anchor Bay Entertainment
Easter special

Characters & Voices
One -
Momma Bunny -
The 3 Pigs -
Hob Nobbin Robin -
Ricky Pink Flamingo -
Wicked Wendel Weasel -
One is a little bunny who wants to do something special for his mother on Easter. He decides to make a huge dinner for her. He goes to an apple tree to get apples for the feast, but cannot reach. Along comes Hob Nobbin Robin, who tells him that only blossoms are on the tree and to go see the 3 pigs to find out about ham. One then goes to the three pigs house, who are so scared of the wolf that they don't even open the door. Once One asks about ham, the pigs go crazy and run and hide in their house. One then goes to the chicken coop, being told to get chicken or turkey by the pigs. At the coop, all but one chicken runs away when One asks if any of them want to be Easter dinner. The one that stays hears his story about how he wants to do something special for his mother and gives him an egg. He journeys on with the egg, but is stopped by the weasel, who tries to steal the egg. He fails and One winds up at Ricky's house, who hard boils the egg for him. He also gives One a basket to carry the egg in, since he makes baskets for a living. One takes the egg home and paints it. When he gives it to his mother, she totally loves it. Soon, everyone from around comes to see the egg and wants one of their own. One hires all of his brothers and sisters, and the friends that he met along the way to help him make eggs for everybody.
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