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Final Fantasy Unlimited


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One normal calm day the Black Pillar blasted through the sky, connecting the Inner and Outer Worlds and changing them forever. On this day Ai and Yu's parents are sucked into the Inner World where they learn all about this strange new place and of the Subway, which connects the two worlds. They travel back and forth between these places until one day they do not return home. Ai and Yu begin their search for their parents on the Subway pad at 00:13:13. As they journey they meet up with a helpful escort, Lisa, who "mothers" them and a strange man named Kuroki Kaze, owner of the Demon Gun. It appears that Ai and Yu are not the only ones brought to the Inner World in search of lost ones. However, it is rumored that once a thing is lost in the Inner World it is never recovered. As they explore the various lands of the Inner World they are constantly under the eye of the Count, who reins as King and supreme ruler. His entourage of evil guys continually attack the children and Lisa with Kaze stepping out of the shadows at the last moment to save the trio with his powerful summon spells. On the run and looking for family, the children meet not only the bad of the Inner World, but also the good and the hopeful, which aid the journey of these young ones.
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