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Eureeka's Castle


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Eureeka's Castle debuted on Nick on September 5, 1989, pretty much as a replacement for Pinwheel. It was set in a giant windup castle music box, that was owned by a giant. Among the inhabitants of this castle were Eureeka, who was a young sorceress in training, Batly, a bumbling, egotistical bat, Magellan, a young dragon whose tail had a mind of it's own, and who only one tooth, the "Moat Twins" Bog and Quagmire, who swam around in the moat, constantly arguing, Mr. Knack, who had a fruit stand or something, the mice, the signing fish, Magellan's "Blankateers," who were dots on his blanket who ran around and stuff. In addition to these bits, we also had animation a-plenty, most notably the worms, who had previously appeared on Pinwheel. Eventually, Eureeka's Castle met the same fate as it's predecessor.

- Classic Nick
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