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WHO IS THIS MARVELOUS GIRL? A SIMPLE SCHOOLGIRL? OR A CRIME BUSTER WHO BALKS AT DANGER? It's ENIGMA ! AGATHA CHERRY is a young, fearless, resourceful girl with a deep sense of justice. While her parents are away abroad, AGATHA is entrusted to the care of her nanny in her peaceful family home in Summerfield. She meets TSING PAO, an old and mysterious Chinese man who introduces her the existence of the Underworld, a hotbed of crime thriving beneath the town. TSING PAO recognizes AGATHA as the partner he has been waiting for in his fight against crime. He quickly endows her with a magical power: when she puts on her ballet shoes, SHE CAN FLY! AGATHA follows her destiny, transforming from a sweet schoolgirl into... ... ENIGMA! ... The crime fighter of Summerfield! In her adventures, ENIGMA is a heroine, as she carries out missions assigned to her by TSING PAO... To thwart the most incredible plots... To combat the misdeeds of wild and wacky criminals... And yet, at the same time, AGATHA CHERRY remains a 13 year-old schoolgirl, enjoying her adolescence with her relatives, her group of friends and her boyfriend TEDDY.
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