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Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Jim Henson Productions
Christmas special

Characters & Voices
Harrison Fox - Jim Henson
Harvey - Jim Henson
Snake - Jim Henson
Chuck - Frank Oz
In this special, Emmet and his mother, Alice, are a poor pair of Otter's who live along side the river. They do all sorts of odd jobs for the animals on the river just to make ends-meat. One day, Emmet hears from his friend Wendell that there is going to be a talent show in Waterville. Soon after they run into Harvey and Charlie, who ask if Wendell and Emmet will join with them in a jug band for the show. In order to be in the band, Emmet would have to punch a hole in his mother's washtub, which is just about all she has left. At the same time, Alice hears about the talent show from a friend of hers and she thinks to herself about how she could finally buy Emmet a real Christmas present with the prize money. In order for her to be in the show, she has to make herself a dress, but she has no money for the fabric. In order to buy the fabric, she would have to hock the tool chest, which is something Emmet always uses for his odd jobs. Alice winds up selling the tool chest, and Emmet winds up punching a hole in the washtub. A rude group of characters, known as the River Bottom Gang, is also going to be in the show. The gang is led by Chuck, a mean grizzly. They intend on winning the show no matter what. Along comes the night of the show, and everyone gives a great performance. You can almost count on either the jug band or Alice winning the show. The judge lets a late entry in, the Nightmare Band (River Bottom Gang) and they wind up winning the contest with their loud, crude song. On the way home, the jug band members and Alice start to sing and are overheard by the River Restaurant's owner. He offers them a job to perform at his restaurant and of course they accept. So, in the end, the little sacrifices that the Otter's made paid off big and they had a wonderful Christmas.
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