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Electric Company


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:


Characters & Voices
Andy - Jim Boyd
Announcer - Ken Roberts
Bess West ('Wild Guess' hostess) - Rita Moreno
Blue Beetle - Jim Boyd
Brenda - Lee Chamberlain
Buddy - Stephan Gustafson
Carmela - Rita Moreno
Cinderella - Judy Graubart
The Count - Morgan Freeman
Director - Rita Moreno
The DJ (Mel Mounds Man) - Morgan Freeman
Dr. Doolats - Luis Avalos
Easy Reader - Morgan Freeman
Fargo North, Decoder - Skip Hinnant
The Fox - Hattie Winston
Frankenstein's Monster - Skip Hinnant
Gladys Glow Worm - Lee Chamberlain
Hank - Bill Cosby
Ice Cream Man - Bill Cosby
Igor - Luis Avalos
J. Arthur Crank - Jim Boyd
J.J. - Skip Hinnant
Jennifer of the Jungle - Judy Graubart
Julia Grownup - Judy Graubart
Julie - June Angela
Kathy - Melanie Henderson
Ken Kane - Bill Cosby
Krojak - Jim Boyd
Letterman - Gene Wilder
Little Girl - Rita Moreno
Lorelei the Chicken - Jim Boyd
'Love of Chair' boy - Skip Hinnant
Mad Scientist - Morgan Freeman
Madame Rosalie - Lee Chamberlain
Marcello - Morgan Freeman
Mark - Morgan Freeman
Maurice the Plant - Jim Boyd
Milkman - Bill Cosby
Millie the Helper - Rita Moreno
Narrator ('Letterman') - Joan Rivers
Norman Neat - Skip Hinnant
Pandora the Brat - Rita Moreno
Paul the Gorilla - Jim Boyd
Pedro - Luis Avalos
Roberto - Luis Avalos
Sherlock Houses - Morgan Freeman
The Short Circus - Dwayne
The Short Circus - Irene Cara
The Short Circus - Jesse
The Short Circus - Kelly
The Short Circus - Charlie
The Short Circus - Gail
The Short Circus - Samantha
The Short Circus - Allison
Six Dollar & 39 Cent Man - Jim Boyd
Spider - Man
Sylvia - Hattie Winston
Valerie the Librarian - Hattie Winston
Vi - Lee Chamberlain
Wayne Kane - Morgan Freeman
Wicked Stepmother - Rita Moreno
Winnie - Judy Graubart
Wolfman ('Manny') - Jim Boyd
Zack - Douglas Grant
"Heeeeey yoooooou guuuuuuuys..."

The Electric Company was primarily produced for an audience of seven- to ten-year-old children, those who had been raised watching Sesame Street and were now ready for slightly older fare.

The show taught and reinforced grammar and math skills through the use of musical and comedy sketches, cartoons and demonstrations. One memorable demonstration showed two profiles in silhouette sounding out syllables (“Fee”—“Ling”—“Feeling”).

Other popular segments included "Easy Reader" (starring Morgan Freeman), "Fargo North, Decoder," "Letterman" (voiced by Gene Wilder) and the comic-inspired "The Adventures of Spidey" (a live-action version of Marvel's Spider-Man).

Though it was only produced for five seasons, The Electric Company continued to run in repeats into the early 1980's. Already a hit with its young viewers, the show was honored with a prestigious Emmy award in its 1972-73 season.

"It's coming down the lines, strong as they can be, through the courtesy...
Of The Electric Company!"
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