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Adventures of Hyperman, The


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Hyperion Productions

Characters & Voices
Hyperman - Steve Mackall
Entrbe - Frank Welker
Emma - Tamera Mowry
Studd - Kevin McDonald
Kidd - Maurice LaMarche
Comptroller - Maurice LaMarche
In the tradition of such other less-than-super-heroes as The Tick, Freakazoid!, and Earthworm Jim, Hyperman was an “intergalactic sheriff” who wasn’t all that great at his job. Also like The Tick, Hyperman was an unintentional comic boob, always earnest but never quite fully competent.

With his blue blob of a dog Studd Puppy and the help of earthling teen science whiz Emma C. Squared, Hyperman tried to save the world from the evil green would-be conqueror Entrobe and his assistant Kid Chaos.

Both entertaining and educational, The Adventures of Hyperman paused from its nuttiness every once in a while to allow Emma to deliver a science lesson to the kids at home. Unfortunately, the show failed to find an audience and left the air after one season.
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