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Disney's Halloween Treat


Original Air Date:
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Halloween special

Characters & Voices
Peter Pan - Bobby Driscoll
Si - Peggy Lee
Am - Peggy Lee
This classic TV Special first aired Halloween October 31, 1982 and was shown every year after that up until 1995 (which is ironic since that’s when Disney bought ABC). Originally it was hosted by a talking Jack O’ Lantern and was the unusual length of 47min (a little over an hour if you count the commercials). Around 1990 the special was edited and several pieces clipped in order to fit a 30min time slot. The Jack O’Lantern host was also replaced by Snow White’s magic mirror. Below is a sample of some of the shorts and tidbits that were included in the special:

“Pluto’s Nightmare” - “Pluto’s Judgment Day” – Pluto, 1935

“Cat Nap Pluto” – Pluto & Figaro, 1948

“Puss Cafe” – Pluto, Milton & Richard, 1950

“Lonesome Ghosts” – Mickey, Donald, & Goofy, 1937

“Donald Duck and the Gorilla” – Donald, Nephews & Ajax, 1944

“Trick or Treat” - Donald & Nephews, 1952

“The Old Mill” – Silly Symphonies, 1937

“Malifacent the Dragon” – “Sleeping Beauty”, 1959

“The Blue Fairy” – “Pinnochio”, 1940

“Wizard’s Duel” – “The Sword in the Stone”, 1958

“The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” – 1958

“The Wicked Witch” – “Snow White”, 1939

“The Bomb” – “Peter Pan”, 1953

“Two Bad Cats” – “Lady and The Tramp”, 1955

“The Butler” – “Aristocats”, 1970

“Cruella DeVil” – “101 Dalmatians”, 1966

“Night on Bald Mountain” – “Fantasia”, 1940

“Skeleton Dance” (colorized, used as background for end credits) – Silly Symphonies, 1929

The original cut of “Halloween Treat” starring the Jack O’Lantern host was released on VHS around 1984 but has been out of print ever since. The copies are few and exceedingly rare. Expect to pay a lot for them.
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