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Atomic Betty


Original Air Date:
Cartoon Network
Prod. Co.:
Atomic Cartoons

Characters & Voices
Minimus P.U. - Len Carlson
Chip Osbourne - Michael D'Ascenzo
Dalton Osbourne - Michael D'Ascenzo
Penelope Lang - Catherine Disher
Sarah - Catherine Disher
Noah - Laurie Elliot
Maximus I.Q. - Colin Fox
Dylon - Dwayne Hill
Robot X - 5
Betty - Tajja Isen
Dad - Patrick McKenna
Sparky - Rick Miller
Megan - Stephanie Morgenstern
Mom - Kristina Nicoll
Flunkin' Duncan Payne - Peter Oldring
Admiral DeGill - Adrian Truss
To her friends and family, Betty is the sweet and brainy girl next door. But when the galaxy beckons, she sheds her humdrum persona and becomes Atomic Betty, Galactic Guardian and Defender of the Cosmos.

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