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 Chez Arsene: a glimpse into the world of Nighthood  -
 Chilly Willy Fan Site  -
 Chris' Fraggle Rock Page  -
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 Jake Jacobs' Betty Boop Page  -
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 Room With a Moose  -
 Siberkat's Invader Zim page  -
 Smurfs Episode Guide  -
 Starcom The U.S. Space Force  -
 The Flintstones and Hanna Barbera  -
 The Imaginary World - Cool retro stuff!  -
 Tiny Toon Adventures Reference Guide  -
 Transformers Online Encyclopedia  -
 Uncanny X-Men  -
 Unofficial Powerhouse website  -

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In 1953, The Oscar-winning Tom and Jerry short Johann Mouse is released in theaters.