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Animal Crackers

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 Season 1

Title  Dino-Sore-As-Heck / Wilderness Training 101 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Dino-Sore-As-Heck

Lyle discovers a perfectly preserved dinosaur skeleton and decides to impress Lana with his amazing find. Meanwhile, the rest of ... 
Title  Going Quackers / Blockbusted 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Going Quackers

After reading a book entitled "Odd and Doubtful Birds of Africa", Dodo becomes convinced that he is really a duck.

Title  Goodness Snakes / Meet the Folks 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Goodness Snakes

Lyle is bitten by a snake who doesn't know whether she is poisonous or not. Assuming the worst, Lyle milks his impending doom for a ... 
Orig Air Date   
Orig Air Date   
Orig Air Date   
Orig Air Date   
Title  Pachyderm Epidemic / Herd Mentality 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Pachyderm Epidemic

Eugene is thrilled to hear that the Loyal Order of Rogue Elephants has chosen Freeborn as the location for its next convention. ... 
Title  Pachynmy Bags / Mommy Dearest 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Pachynmy Bags

Irked by the rest of the preserve's lack of respect for him, Eugene packs his bags and leaves Freeborn...to the delight of everyone e ... 
Orig Air Date   
Title  Sherlock Dodo / Poultrygeist 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Sherlock Dodo

When Lyle mysteriously disappears, everyone assumes the worst...and Sherlock Dodo is on the case.


When things beg ... 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Svelte Veldt

Eugene decides to diet and appoints Gnu as his personal trainer. But when his diet and exercise program becomes a little too taxing, E ... 
Title  Treasure of the Preserva Freeborna / Call Waiting 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Treasure of the Preserva Freeborna

It's Indiana Jones meets Looney Toons as Dodo, Lyle, and Tito the chameleon journey off in search of a legendary ... 

 Season 2

Title  Beauty and Eugene / Freeborn for Rent 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Beauty and Eugene

The biggest star in the world is an elephant named Ella, and when her show makes a pit stop in Freeborn, Eugene does everything h ... 
Title  Dial-A-Phobia / Time Flies but Dodo Doesn't 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Dial-A-Phobia

A local radio shock-jock convinces the Freeborn community that EVERYBODY has a phobia!

Time Flies but Dodo Doesn't

Dodo bangs ... 
Title  Downsizing / Gnus in Canoes 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Downsizing

Dodo misunderstands a news report and sets all of Freeborn competing to prove their 'worth' to the community before being turfed out.
Title  Dustbusters / Freeborn Online 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Dustbusters

The gang believes unless they clean up their act, and Freeborn, they'll be sent packing by the Park Ranger.

Freeborn Online

Dodo ... 
Title  Eight Hooves Out / My Brother's Keeper 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Eight Hooves Out

Dodo gets his friends in way over their heads when he accepts a challenge to a baseball game from the All-Star monkeys. Especially ... 
Title  Eugenius / Citizen Eugene 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Eugenius

Eugene is struck by lightning, provoking two startling changes; One, he's getting smarter in leaps and bounds. And two, he's become the la ... 
Title  Horrorscope / Lights! Camera! Gnu! 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Horrorscope

When Eugene becomes a devout follower of his daily horoscope, all of Freeborn pays the price.

Lights! Camera! Gnu!

When a film d ... 
Title  Lana Tuner Overdrive / Trust Me 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Lana Tuner Overdrive

Lana's had it with Lyle's constant pestering for a date, but when her efforts to chase him off works, she misses him.

Trus ... 
Title  Look Who's Not Talking / Paris, Freeborn 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Look Who's Not Talking

Lyle gets to play Uncle to his little nephew Louie, with all the expected, and disastrous results.

Paris, Freeborn

Ly ... 
Title  Lyle Files / The Butler Did It 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Lyle Files

A firefly caught in the lens of Lyle's telescope has all of Freeborn believing in flying saucers.

The Butler Did It

After the gan ... 
Title  Lyle in the Fast Lane / A Wing and a Prayer 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Lyle in the Fast Lane

Lana shows appreciation for hard-partying monkeys, provoking a misguided Lyle to steal a jeep and take the gang for a joyride ... 
Title  Lyle' Ark / How To Be a Millionare 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Lyle' Ark

Everyone ignores Lyle's warnings of an impending monsoon, and the good-hearted lion ends up building an ark with room enough for everyone ... 
Title  Rumour of Her Own / Prime Time Crime 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Rumour of Her Own

Lana decides to prove how gullible everyone is by starting a ridiculous rumour. Problem is, everything she makes up keeps coming ... 
Title  Rust in Peace / Trio in Love 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Rust in Peace

No one throws a surprise birthday party like Lyle, except it's HIS birthday. He's got to get the idea into someone else's head before ... 
Title  Schooldays / Call of the Wild 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Schooldays

Much to their horror, our gang of regulars is invited to a Class Reunion.

Call of the Wild

Dodo, upset with how domesticated the ... 
Title  Sleepover / Classified Casanova 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Sleepover

Eugene can't sleep, and decides no one else can. What he calls a sleepover is really an invitation to entertain him all night.

Classi ... 
Title  The Cold Scholder / The Last Dodo Egg 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  The Cold Scholder

Lyle returns from meditating with Tibetan monks and tries to force his quacky ideas on a flu-ridden Freeborn. Thanks to Lyle's ti ... 
Title  The Looney Bin / That's What Friends are For 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  The Looney Bin

A bird arrives believing he's Dodo's cousin. Much to Dodo's dismay, everyone falls for the loony imposter.

That's What Friends a ... 

 Season 3

Title  Boo / Fountain of Youth 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Boo

Freeborn is haunted! What starts out as a playful sting on Lyle ends up scaring everybody.

Fountain of Youth

The gang believes one of th ... 
Title  Brand New Gnu / Boyz Night Out 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Brand New Gnu

Gnu falls out of a tree, and forgetting who he is, accidently assumes the identity of his son's favourite comic character.

Boyz N ... 
Title  Fools Gold / Near Myths 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Fool's Gold

Lyle finds what he believes to be a treasure map, and the gang combines all their natural tracking instincts to find it.

Near Myths ... 
Title  Message in a Bottle / Fame, Fortune, Madness 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Message in a Bottle

When Lana responds emotionally to a message in a bottle, a jealous Lyle tries his own hand at romantic poetry.

Fame, Fortun ... 
Title  Stop in the Name of Lana / Starstruck 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Stop in the Name of Lana

Lana replaces Eugene as the Freeborn Sheriff, and surprises everyone with her power-mad enthusiasm for the job.

Starst ... 
Title  Storyteller / Animal Court 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Storyteller

Lyle falls asleep reading Robin Hood, and dreams the romantic tale starring himself and Lana.

Animal Court

When no one will admi ... 
Title  Volcano Madness / Love is Blind 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Volcano Madness

The rumbling of a nearby volcano provokes the gang to come up with Freeborn-saving solutions, each more ridiculous than the last. ... 
Title  Wishing Well / Eu've Got Mail 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Wishing Well

When Gnu accidently empties a wishing well of all its coins, he takes it onto himself to see to it that everyone's wishes still come t ... 

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