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Title  3-2-1 Blast-Off! 
Orig Air Date  2006-05-29 
Synopsis  It is a race to get through a city-sized scale model of the solar system before time runs out. 
Title  B.L.T. for Breakfast? 
Orig Air Date  2006-06-08 
Synopsis  Ruff sends a team out to invent a new flavor of ice cream, while Brian fills in as a short-order cook at a local diner. 
Title  Cats? I Thought You Said Kites! 
Orig Air Date  2006-05-29 
Synopsis  Ruff challenges Taylor and Anna to train a cat to fetch; Noah and Brian must design a kite that can lift a dog biscuit in the air. 
Title  Good Dancing and Bad Teeth 
Orig Air Date  2006-05-29 
Synopsis  The poodle next door tells Ruff he has halitosis. 
Title  How to Get Out Your Inner Hip Hop 
Orig Air Date  2006-05-29 
Synopsis  Ana learns how to dance hip-hop; Noah, Khalil and Julie must cook for some picky eaters. 
Title  Saturday Night With a Slight Fever 
Orig Air Date  2006-06-06 
Synopsis  Ruff challenges the cast to produce and direct a music video. 
Title  To Bee or Not to Bee 
Orig Air Date  2006-06-07 
Synopsis  Ruff challenges Brian and Khalil to learn how to be beekeepers. 
Title  Ye Olde Colonial Episode 
Orig Air Date  2006-06-05 
Synopsis  Ruff sends the cast back to 1627 to learn log-sawing, oven-starting, jaw-harping and other lessons of Colonial life. 

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