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Title  Bug Love 
Orig Air Date  2005-10-03 
Title  Grow Daddio 
Orig Air Date  2005-10-17 
Synopsis  Jack, Mary and Mel take care of a flower seed named Arthur. 
Title  Henry Monster 
Orig Air Date  2006-10-13 
Synopsis  Jack and his clubhouse friends have a frighteningly good time making music with a friendly monster. 
Title  How Mel Got His Groove Back 
Orig Air Date  2005-09-14 
Synopsis  An accident makes Mel think he is a cat. 
Title  King of Swing 
Orig Air Date  2006-02-06 
Title  Little Bad Wolf 
Orig Air Date  2005-09-12 
Synopsis  Little Bad Wolf interrupts the band practice of Jack, Daisy and Mel. 
Title  Marching Band 
Orig Air Date  2005-09-26 
Synopsis  Jack and his friends plan to play their instruments, wear their uniforms and march around the neighborhood. 
Orig Air Date  2005-10-10 
Synopsis  Mel throws a dance party, and the whole neighborhood attends. 
Title  Music Genie 
Orig Air Date  2005-09-15 
Synopsis  Jack, Mary and Mel each get one wish from the music genie. 
Title  Silly Show 
Orig Air Date  2006-11-27 
Synopsis  Jack and pals try to do seven silly things in one day. Included: they play piano with their feet; Mel the dog wears tap shoes; it rains ping-pong ball ... 
Title  Space Opera 
Orig Air Date  2005-10-10 
Synopsis  Jack and Mary cannot decide what to play today. 
Title  The Bongo Bird 
Orig Air Date  2005-09-19 
Synopsis  The gang must help a baby Bongo Bird find his mother. 
Title  The Grumpy Squirrel 
Orig Air Date  2005-10-24 
Synopsis  The gang becomes suspicious when all of the musical instruments disappear. 
Title  The Music Monster 
Orig Air Date  2005-10-31 
Synopsis  Jack, Mary and Mel help a little monster find his inner scariness. 

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