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Title  An XXL Lie 
Orig Air Date  2006-10-01 
Synopsis  Jimmy and Pig lie about missing homework, which only ends up getting them in more trouble. 
Title  Catnap Burglar 
Orig Air Date  2006-08-27 
Synopsis  A famous ninja master offers to teach at Shuriken School, but his fee is quite pricey. At the same time, Eizan, Jimmy and Okuni investigate a recent r ... 
Title  Cherry on the Cake! 
Orig Air Date  2006-10-15 
Synopsis  Life at Shuriken turns topsy-turvy with the arrival of three pretty exchange students from a U.S. cheerleading academy. 
Title  Eizan's Shadow 
Orig Air Date  2006-09-03 
Synopsis  The principal of Shuriken gives Eizan the important task of watching over a prospective new student whose wealthy father could get the school out of d ... 
Title  Flip-Flop of Fury 
Orig Air Date  2006-09-17 
Synopsis  The kids from Shuriken face losing their school if they can't retrieve a special pair of flip-flops that were stolen by a mysterious ninja from rival ... 
Title  Kubo's Mystery 
Orig Air Date  2006-10-08 
Synopsis  Eizan, Jimmy and Okuni set out to learn more about their boring theory professor, Kubo, and his relationship with a mystery person named Torofi. 
Title  Lousy Labyrinth 
Orig Air Date  2006-09-24 
Synopsis  Eizan, Jimmy and Okuni leave school to rescue Kubo after he gets lost inside a labyrinth. Meanwhile, at Shuriken, the other pupils must hide the fact ... 
Title  Old School Ninjitsu 
Orig Air Date  2006-11-05 
Synopsis  Eizan and his friends help an old alum of Shuriken get back into ninja shape. 
Title  Shuriken School 
Orig Air Date  2007-01-12 
Synopsis  Nobunaga must learn to vanish in time for the class photo; Daisuke draws unwanted attention from Naginata and his gang after he brags to two pretty gi ... 
Title  Super Ninja 
Orig Air Date  2006-10-29 
Synopsis  Eizan, Jimmy and Okuni track down a mysterious and shadowy ninja who has been sneaking in and out of Shuriken School, much to the principal's dismay. 
Title  The Demon & Mrs. Clean 
Orig Air Date  2006-10-22 
Synopsis  Eizan and his friends investigate a mysterious demon that is making a mess in their school, for which the students are getting blamed. 
Title  Vlad's Past 
Orig Air Date  2006-09-10 
Synopsis  Eizan and best buds Jimmy and Okuni hatch a plan to prevent their favorite teacher from resigning. 
Title  Winning Ninja 
Orig Air Date  2006-08-20 
Synopsis  Eizan contends with exhaustion as he undergoes two days of intense training leading up to a big contest pitting him against 11-year-old Naginata from ... 

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