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Title  Beans and Pranks / Movie Night 
Orig Air Date   
Title  Camper All Pull Pants Down / The Big Cheese 
Orig Air Date   
Title  Dosey Doe / Prodigious Clamus 
Orig Air Date  2005-08-12 
Synopsis  Dosey Doe

Lazlo organizes a dance with the Squirrel Scouts.

Prodigious Clamus

Lumpus tries to use Clam's genius to his advantage. 
Title  Gone Fishin' (Sort Of) / Beans are From Mars 
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Synopsis  Gone Fishin' (Sort Of)

Scoutmaster Lumpuss is determined to finally catch a fish.

Beans are From Mars

The Squirrel Scouts discover Jelley B ... 
Title  Lights Out / Swimming Buddy 
Orig Air Date  2005-07-15 
Synopsis  Lights Out

Lumpus cannot get Lazlo, Raj and Clam to turn their lights off.

Swimming Buddy

Lazlo helps Raj prepare for the camp swimming test ... 
Title  Parasitic Pal / It's No Picnic 
Orig Air Date  2005-07-22 
Synopsis  A parasitic leech sticks to Lazlo's head; the Bean Scouts and Squirrel Scouts settle a squabble. 
Title  Prickly Pining Dining / Camp Kidney Stinks 
Orig Air Date  2005-09-02 
Synopsis  Prickly Pining Dining

Camp Kidney Stinks 
Title  Slugfest / Beans and Weenies 
Orig Air Date   
Title  Snake Eyes / Racing Slicks 
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Title  The Nothing Club / Loogie Llama 
Orig Air Date  2005-08-19 
Synopsis  The Nothing Club

After being excluded, Lazlo forms a secret club.

Loogie Llama

The Bean Scouts feel badly about not having horses. 
Title  The Weakest Link / Lumpy Treasure 
Orig Air Date  2005-07-29 
Synopsis  The campers send the Jelly Beans on a wild goose chase; mosquito bites form a treasure map. 
Title  The Wig of Why / Float Trippers 
Orig Air Date  2005-08-26 
Synopsis  The Wig of Why

Lazlo finds a wig and pretends he is a swami.

Float Trippers

Raj loses his retainer on a camp rafting adventure. 
Title  Tree Hugger / Marshmallow Jones 
Orig Air Date  2005-08-05 
Synopsis  Tree Hugger

Lumpus and Lazlo try to capture a migrating tree.

Marshmallow Jones

Raj becomes consumed with marshmallows. 

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