Life and Times of Juniper Lee, The

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Title  Ding Dong the Witch Ain't Dead 
Orig Air Date  2005-07-10 
Synopsis  Auntie Roon, an ancient and cranky fish-riding witch, is returned from eight hundred years of banishment. Her demon emancipators require just one favo ... 
Title  Enter Sandman 
Orig Air Date  2005-07-03 
Synopsis  When June's friends and family becomes increasingly more exhausted, June enters the Dream Realm and discovers they are being enslaved by an upper crus ... 
Title  I Get By With a Little Help From My Elf 
Orig Air Date  2005-07-17 
Synopsis  June is overwhelmed balancing her life with being the Te Xuan Ze until a "helpfer elf" appears who at first seems to be a blessing and then not so muc ... 
Title  I've Got My Mind on My Mummy and My Mummy on My Mind 
Orig Air Date  2005-06-05 
Synopsis  June and Marcus (her secret crush) are given a class assignment to do a report on a mummy. Trouble arises when the mummy is brought back to life, rais ... 
Title  It Takes a Pillage 
Orig Air Date  2005-06-12 
Synopsis  When June's school chorus goes to a nursing home to perform, Roger finds half of a cursed Viking medallion. The entire chorus (including June's friend ... 
Title  It's Your Party and I'll Whine if I Want To 
Orig Air Date  2005-05-30 
Synopsis  June has been doing her Te Xuan Ze thing for just over a month and it's become a real hassle. She's managed to flake out on her friends on a regular b ... 
Title  Magic Takes a Holiday 
Orig Air Date  2005-07-24 
Synopsis  Edipan is a magical holiday where all creatures of magic take a break. No magic, good or bad. That goes for June as well, so she's free to go on her a ... 
Title  Meet the Parent 
Orig Air Date  2005-08-14 
Synopsis  Monroe's fun-loving Dad, William, comes to visit and criticizes how his son does his job as advisor to the Te Xuan Ze. However, when the seasoned vete ... 
Title  Monster Con 
Orig Air Date  2005-08-21 
Synopsis  Every three years, magical creatures from all over the world come together for the Convergence, a three day gathering to further the peaceful nature o ... 
Title  New Trickster in Town 
Orig Air Date  2005-06-19 
Synopsis  Every year on April fools day, Orchid Bay City is over run by practical jokes. What all the citizenry don't know is that it's magic at work - the Tric ... 
Title  Not in My Backyard 
Orig Air Date  2005-06-26 
Synopsis  A strange monster called a Batoot is separating from it's herd. The Batoot is bad luck and causes mayhem in its wake. For the city's safety June has t ... 
Title  Take My Life, Please 
Orig Air Date  2005-08-07 
Synopsis  When an 11 year "good witch" come to Orchid Bay she manages to do a better job at fighting evil than June. And everyone seems to like this sugary-swee ... 
Title  The World According to L.A.R.P. 
Orig Air Date  2005-07-24 
Synopsis  Demons plot to kidnap Ray Ray and hold him ransom for a magical goblet. The mistakenly kidnap Dennis, who thinks the whole thing is part of a live-act ... 

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