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My Dad the Rock Star

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Title  Angela D'Angelo 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  When Willy spots the angelically beautiful Angela D'Angelo, it's love at first sight. And the feeling's mutual, as Angela asks Willy out on a "pre-dat ... 
Title  Call of the Wild 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  When Willy asks to sign up for a camping trip with Quincy and Alissa, Rock and Crystal decide it would be a great opportunity to spend quality time wi ... 
Title  Dance Party 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Willy is thrilled when he's put in charge of organizing the school dance - that is, until he discovers that Miss Equus intends on running the dance th ... 
Title  Going For Broke 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  When Quincy's father, a buttoned-down government accountant, unwittingly strips the Zillas of their fortune through a bookkeeping error, they are forc ... 
Title  High Infidelity 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  When Crystal opens a Psychic Wellness Centre next to Willy's school, Willy is in for some ribbing from classmates wanting to tease him over his flakey ... 
Title  Meet The Zillas 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  When Rock notices that another heavy metal star has his own reality television show he calls his manager and demands a show about himself and his fami ... 
Title  Mr. Big 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  When Sally Raptor offers Willy a coveted spot in the "in crowd", Willy gets a taste of what it's like to be extremely popular - and it rocks! But comp ... 
Title  Mr. Zilla's Opus 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Willy is just beginning to develop his talents in the brass section of the school band, when Principal Malfactor shuts down the Music Program, to dive ... 
Title  Psychic Convention 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Willy is faced with having to pass a crucial math test that will determine whether he has to go to a "summer school" self-guided class that has just o ... 
Title  The Candidate 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Willy decides to experience more of normal life by running for student council. But his rival, Buzz, tries to trip him up by accusing Willy of being i ... 
Title  Welcome to Silent Springs 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  After years on the road, Willy and the rest of the Zilla clan arrive in their new, adopted hometown of Silent Springs. Hoping to be accepted for who h ... 
Title  Willy Unplugged 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Willy's excited about playing a cool acid jazz number on his trumpet at his school's talent night. But when Rock finds out, he tries to "help" by addi ... 
Title  Zilla's House of Horrors 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Still adjusting to life in the weird and wonderful Zilla mansion, Willy awakens one night to the wails of a ghost somewhere deep in the house. Willy's ... 

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In 1933, cartoonist Noel Sickles assumed authorship of Scorchy Smith, replacing creator John Terry.