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Title  A Christmas Mikey 
Orig Air Date  2006-12-07 
Title  Battle of the Band 
Orig Air Date   
Title  Big Brozu 
Orig Air Date   
Title  Big Trouble in Little Tokyo 
Orig Air Date  2006-09-03 
Synopsis  Gonard is turned into a 100-foot-tall monster after he and his friends encounter a mad scientist living on a secret floor in LilyMu Towers. 
Title  Easy Come, Easy Gonard 
Orig Air Date  2006-05-27 
Synopsis  Mikey tries to get out of debt by selling lemonade with Gonard; Lily and Mitsuki have to rescue Guano from two spoiled kids who mistake him for a toy. ... 
Title  La Cage Aux Mikey 
Orig Air Date  2006-11-19 
Synopsis  Mikey makes up lies about his Japanese friends to impress his family back in Cleveland. 
Title  La Femme Mitsuki 
Orig Air Date   
Title  Like Ozu, Like Son 
Orig Air Date   
Title  Lily Meow 
Orig Air Date  2006-06-03 
Title  Lost in Transportation 
Orig Air Date  2006-03-18 
Title  Mikey Impossible 
Orig Air Date  2006-02-26 
Synopsis  Ozu announces that he's going on his first vacation since 1970. While he's away, Lily is left in charge to enforce a list of 4885 rules. Meanwhile, Mi ... 
Title  Mikey Likes It (Garbage) 
Orig Air Date  2006-03-25 
Synopsis  Mikey goes to great lengths to prevent Mitsuki from discovering that he mistakenly threw out her cherished photo album; Lily and Gonard become a roman ... 
Title  Reality Bites 
Orig Air Date  2006-12-03 
Synopsis  Mikey and his cast mates become unwilling reality-TV participants. 
Title  Saving Face 
Orig Air Date  2006-03-11 
Synopsis  Mikey treats his friends badly because he is desperate to keep the public from finding out that he has a pimple; and a beauty company opts to hire a s ... 
Title  Ship of Fools 
Orig Air Date  2006-03-04 
Synopsis  On a mission to get the new Kappa Mikey video game, Mikey and Gonard finds themselves tangling with pirates; Lily and Mitsuki become enchanted with a ... 
Title  Splashomon 
Orig Air Date  2006-08-27 
Synopsis  The cast and crew offer conflicting eyewitness accounts when questioned by Ozu about the death of his beloved goldfish. 
Title  The Fugi-Kid 
Orig Air Date  2006-03-25 
Title  The Good, the Bad, and the Mikey 
Orig Air Date  2006-07-08 
Synopsis  Mikey decides to change his image in order to avoid becoming a washed-up TV star like his childhood hero, Captain Impressive; Lily gives Mitsuki advic ... 
Title  The Lost Pilot 
Orig Air Date  2007-01-06 
Title  The Man Who Would Be Mikey 
Orig Air Date   
Title  The Oni Express 
Orig Air Date   
Title  The Phantom of the Soundstage 
Orig Air Date  2006-10-28 
Synopsis  Lily teams up with the Phantom of the Soundstage in an attempt to get back at Mikey for his practical jokes. Meanwhile, Guano considers removing his c ... 
Title  The Sumo of All Fears 
Orig Air Date  2006-08-05 
Title  The Switch 
Orig Air Date  2006-02-25 
Synopsis  The kooky story of an American cartoon character named Mikey Simon who finds unexpected TV stardom in Japan playing an action hero on the anime series ... 
Title  Uh Oh, Guano 
Orig Air Date   
Title  With Fans Like These... 
Orig Air Date   

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