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Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels

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Title  Big Scare in the Big Top 
Orig Air Date  1977-10-08 
Synopsis  Cavey and the Teen Angels investigate a puzzling mystery of tigers disappearing from a circus. And what does the theft of a French museum painting hav ... 
Title  Cavey and the Kabuta Clue 
Orig Air Date  1977-11-05 
Synopsis  The cursed skeleton of an African chieftain comes back to life and kidnaps the owner of an art museum, demanding the return of a golden mask he sold. ... 
Title  Cavey and the Weirdo Werewolf 
Orig Air Date  1977-11-12 
Synopsis  While on a skiing vacation with the prince of a small country, the Angels and Cavey learn his royal scepter has been stolen by a menacing snow wolf. C ... 
Title  Double Dribble Riddle 
Orig Air Date  1977-10-15 
Synopsis  A basketball team is apparently jinxed by a panther, causing it to forefit games. It's in danger of being sold to an unscrupulous party and the gang s ... 
Title  Playing Footsie with Big Foot 
Orig Air Date  1977-12-24 
Title  Ride 'em Caveman 
Orig Air Date  1977-12-03 
Title  The Crazy Case of the Tell-Tale Tape 
Orig Air Date  1977-10-22 
Synopsis  The broadcast of a TV show is interrupted by a mysterous masked figure. When clues lead to an episode recently taped in Washington D.C., the gang lear ... 
Title  The Creepy Case of the Creaky Charter Boat 
Orig Air Date  1977-10-01 
Synopsis  The Teen Angels and Cavey are invited to a gala on a cruise ship by thespian friends. But the theft of a diamond necklace leads to a mystery that bear ... 
Title  The Creepy Claw Caper 
Orig Air Date  1977-10-29 
Synopsis  Members of a rock band are threatened by an evil figure with an age ray who makes one old and ransoms the other for a special case of rare coins in or ... 
Title  The Disappearing Elephant Mystery 
Orig Air Date  1977-11-19 
Title  The Fur Freight Fright 
Orig Air Date  1977-11-26 
Title  The Kooky Case of the Cryptic Keys 
Orig Air Date  1977-09-10 
Synopsis  While travelling on a bumpy road, the gang run into a woman who hands them a key before she takes off with barely an explanation. This and a small pen ... 
Title  The Mixed Up Mystery of Dead Man's Reef 
Orig Air Date  1977-09-17 
Synopsis  Cavey and the Teen Angels investigate the mysterious disappearance of a ship out at sea. And what secret does a lighthouse hold in connection to it?
Title  The Mystery Mansion Mix-Up 
Orig Air Date  1977-12-17 
Title  The Strange Case of the Creature from Space 
Orig Air Date  1977-12-10 
Title  What a Flight for a Fight 
Orig Air Date  1977-09-24 
Synopsis  A mysterious man with a beard, leg cast, and cane steals a rich woman's jewelry before boarding a commercial flight. When the gang race to its destina ... 

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