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Title  A Dog Day's Night? / Mouseum / One Quack Mind 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  A Dog Day's Night? - Baby Huey
Mouseum - Herman and Katnip
One Quack Mind - Baby Huey
clip from Cat Tamale - Herman and Katnip 
Title  Alien Abducktion / Herman the Cartoonist / Cock-a-Doodle Dino 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Alien Abducktion - Baby Huey
Herman the Cartoonist - Herman and Katnip
Cock-a-Doodle Dino - Danny the Dinosaur
clip from Cat Carson Rides Again ... 
Title  Beach Blanket Baby / Mouse Trapeze / Clown on the Farm 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Beach Blanket Baby - Baby Huey
Mouse Trapeze - Herman and Katnip
Clown on the Farm - Baby Huey
clip from Katnip's Big Day - Herman and Katnip 
Title  Daycare Duckie / Of Mice and Magic / Starting From Hatch 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Daycare Duckie - Baby Huey
Of Mice and Magic - Herman and Katnip
Starting From Hatch - Baby Huey
clip from Cat in the Act - Herman and Katnip 
Title  Duck Outdoors / Cat Carson Rides Again / Git Along Lil' Duckie 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Duck Outdoors - Baby Huey
Cat Carson Rides Again - Herman and Katnip
Git Along Lil' Duckie - Baby Huey
clip from Fun on the Furlough - Herman an ... 
Title  Fowl Photography / Surf and Sound / Huey's Ducky Daddy 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Fowl Photography - Baby Huey
Surf and Sound - Herman and Katnip
Huey's Ducky Daddy - Baby Huey
clip from Frighty Cat - Herman and Katnip 
Title  Hard Hat Huey / Ship A-Hooey / Swab the Duck 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Hard Hat Huey - Baby Huey
Ship A-Hooey - Herman and Katnip
Swab the Duck - Baby Huey
clip from Mouse Trapeze - Herman and Katnip 
Title  Having a Ball / Dizzy Dishes / Quack a Doodle Doo 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Having a Ball - Baby Huey
Dizzy Dishes - Little Audrey
Quack a Doodle Doo - Baby Huey
clip from Swab the Duck - Baby Huey 
Title  The Boogeyman / Fun on the Furlough / Pest Pupil 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  The Boogeyman - Baby Huey
Fun on the Furlough - Herman and Katnip
Pest Pupil - Baby Huey
clip from Git Along Lil' Duckie - Baby Huey 
Title  The Bully Fighter / Sky Scrappers / Jumping with Toy 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  The Bully Fighter - Baby Huey
Sky Scrappers - Herman and Katnip
Jumping with Toy - Baby Huey
clip of Huey's Ducky Daddy - Baby Huey 
Title  The Hippocratic Oaf / Northwest Mousie / Scout Fellow 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  The Hippocratic Oaf - Baby Huey
Northwest Mousie - Herman and Katnip
Scout Fellow - Baby Huey
clip from Mouseum - Herman and Katnip 
Title  The Tooth Fairy / Robin Rodenthood / Party Smarty 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  The Tooth Fairy - Baby Huey
Robin Rodenthood - Herman and Katnip
Party Smarty - Baby Huey 
Title  Wrestle Maniacs / Frighty Cat / Huey's Father's Day 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Wrestle Maniacs - Baby Huey
Frighty Cat - Herman and Katnip
Huey's Father's Day - Baby Huey
clip from Clown on the Farm - Baby Huey 

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