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Title  Electric Current 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  I. M. Richman refuses to relinquish his ping pong trophy to the new champion, Mary Murray. But he does agree to let her look at it. On the way into Ri ... 
Title  Fossils 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  While protesting the construction of another Planet Cramwood, Jack Jenkins discovers a fossil at the construction site. The construction will have to ... 
Title  Gravity 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Ms. Clara Swindell claims to have a secret weight-loss potion that blocks gravity to help you lose weight. She accuses Sam Bookman of sabotaging her a ... 
Title  Inertia 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Cramwood, the famous motion picture star, accuses his old friend, Jenkins, of selling him a BAAD bike accessory that whacks him in the head. He gets a ... 
Title  Living Things 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Walter Williamson writes poems about dead things, like people's pets. He even offers a triple-your-money back guarantee if he doesn't deliver on his p ... 
Title  Particles in Motion 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  J. C. Cramwood commissions local artist, Sonya Sondheim, to create a huge plaque in his honor. At the unveiling ceremony, the plaque pops out of its f ... 
Title  Seasons 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Heather Hancock gets a chilly reception when she takes an early summer vacation in June in Australia. The Australians are saying winter is coming. Win ... 
Title  Soil 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Mr. Norton of Gadgetco is about to sell ten very expensive machines to the town that promise to fix the soil at The Old Dust Field. But Eddy Watt clai ... 
Title  Sound 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Sasha Meany hires Shep Sherman to fire the town cannon precisely at midnight to kick off the town's 200th anniversary celebration. When the cannon bla ... 
Title  Statistics 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Shep Sherman has the data to prove that aliens are about to invade town. He accuses Chief of Police, Lois Chan, of failure to respond to a UFO crisis. ... 
Title  Water Cycle 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Mr. I.M. Richman slips and falls at the subway station. He blames leaky water pipes made by Pip Peterson. Meteorologist Maria Hernandez takes the stan ... 
Title  Work & Simple Machines 
Orig Air Date   
Synopsis  Mr. Sludge accuses Mary Murray of being the laziest worker at Robocorp because she never breaks a sweat. But is Mary lazy or just smart? The scientifi ... 

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