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Timothy Goes to School

The Treefort And The Sand Castle / Get Well Soon


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The Treefort And The Sand Castle

The kids decide to separate themselves into a “boys only” Tree Fort Club and a “girls only” Sand Castle Club. After the novelty wears off, Timothy and Doris break the boredom by playing soccer together again. The other kids realize that it is just as much fun for boys and girls to play together as it is for them to play apart.

Get Well Soon

Everyone loves Mrs. Jenkins, so when she hurts her arm and is forced to miss school, they all decide to make her a get well card. That is, everyone except for Fritz. He decides to collect worms, bugs and leftovers for his teacher instead, much to his classmate’s surprise. In the end, it becomes clear that the scraps he has amassed are for a bird feeder he has made for Mrs. Jenkins so she can watch the birds while she rests.



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