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Timothy Goes to School

The Big Snowfall / Forever Friends


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 Season:  Season 1
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The Big Snowfall

Doris is in her element after a big snowfall and offers to be Lillyís snow-buddy since Lilly has never experienced winter before. When Doris wanders off to take part in a toboggan race, Lilly is left on her own to venture through the snow by herself. While trying to find Doris, she meets all of her other classmates, who show her fun and exciting things to do in the winter wonderland. When the two girls finally reconnect, Doris reveals how terribly guilty she feels about leaving Lilly on snow day, but Lilly doesnít mind - she has practically become a snow day veteran on her own.

Forever Friends

Timothyís treasured friendship with Yoko becomes strained when Yoko begins rehearsing for a dance recital and has no time left for Timothy. Timothy is suddenly forced to find new ways to fill his time without his best friend. When Timothy succeeds in discovering interesting ways to occupy himself, it is Yoko who now feels left out. In the end, however, the two discover that their absence in each otherís life only serves to strengthen their friendship.



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