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Timothy Goes to School

Red Thunder / Putting It All Together


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Red Thunder

After Timothy and his bike ĎRed Thunderí win best all around bikemanship in the Bicycle Fun and Safety day at Hilltop, Timothy begins to believe he is a much more advanced cyclist than he is and feels he can do tricks that bigger kids can. However, when he tries to jump a ramp at the Frankís place and fails miserably, he realizes that perhaps he isnít as grown up or advanced as he originally anticipated.

Putting It All Together

Itís puzzle day at Hilltop School, and thereís a special surprise in store if the kids find all the pieces of a big puzzle, and put it all together - before lunchtime. At first the kids try to work individually, and not much gets accomplished. When Timothy realizes that time is running out, he suggests they all work together to finish the puzzle in time. Their team efforts prove fruitful and they discover that the finished puzzle is a picture of a big picnic lunch - just like the real one Mrs. Jenkins has laid out for the kids as the surprise.



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