Feline Follies


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 Season:  Season 1
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The village is in a panic. Madame Duval has organized a national Cat Show, to be held in Parc Montsouris, right beside the mouse village! To make matters worse, the Comtesse De Souris, Doucette's fellow teacher from the countryside, is scheduled to visit the village with her schoolmice on the same day. The Comtesse is already en route and they do not know from which direction she will come. There is no way to warn her! Anatole must come up with a plan to ensure the safety of the traveling Comtesse, as well as that of the entire village. However, when Pamplemousse's bravado puts them all in immediate, feline danger, Anatole must think quickly! Knowing that cats fear water above all things, Anatole uses the park sprinkler system to dowse the hungry cats and save the day! In the end, Anatole proves that brains will triumph over even the most intimidating brawn.



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