Wild Life


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When rumors spread through the village that a monster is living in the park, Anatole heads off to investigate. Narrowly escaping a falling tree, Anatole and Gaston discover that the "monster" is Nathalie, a Canadian beaver escaped from the local petting zoo! Anatole vows to fulfill her wish to return to Canada. Hunted by a trapper from the zoo, Anatole, Gaston and Nathalie embark on a hair-raising chase through Paris in an effort to reach the Canadian embassy. Meanwhile, Georgette cannot convince the other children (and Doucette!) that her school project on wood exists. Unlike the others, she seems to have nothing to show for it, but ignoring their concerns she continues with her idea. Once at the embassy, Anatole cleverly navigates the group through a party and into the ambassador's room. Anatole cleverly brings Nathalie concerns to the attention of the ambassador, who agrees to return the homesick beaver to Canada! When Georgette's seed sprouts to a plant, Doucette and the children realize that her project is the cleverest of all! The viewer learns the importance of following through with a good idea, even if others may not agree with it.



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