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A factory worker, Marcel, tells Duval that he is the mysterious cheese taster Anatole, and Duval allows him to invent a brand new cheese. Anatole and Gaston are outraged. How can they unmask this impostor and save Anatole’s reputation? Anatole writes Marcel a note, asking him to tell Duval the truth. Gaston, on the other hand, sneaks off to sabotage Marcels cheese recipe. Meanwhile, to raise money for their school, Paul and Paulette have been sneaking to the cheese factory and lying to their parents about it.

The next day Duval tastes the ruined cheese, and Marcel is disgraced. Marcel admits to Duval that he is not really Anatole. Only then does Anatole find out that Marcel only lied in order to pay his wife’s medical bills, but now he has lost his job as well! In a single evening, Anatole must concoct a batch of Marcels new cheese, as well as rescue Paul and Paulette from Charlemagnes clutches. The inimitable Anatole accomplishes both tasks, and Marcel gets his job back, as well as a bonus for inventing a delicious new cheese. Marcel has learned, however, that a lot of trouble can arise from telling a lie. Paul and Paulette have learned this lesson too, for they are grounded for a good long time!



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In 1958, Tim Burton was born in Burbank, California.