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High Fliers


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 Season:  Season 1
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When two treasure hunting crows attack a "flying menace" and send it crashing to the ground, Anatole and Gaston are provided with a wonderful surprise to bring home - a kite! With the kite requiring some repairs, George and Georgette forego a field trip to the Eiffel Tower. Doucette and the other children can help Anatole and Gaston get the new treasure into airworthy condition.

Paul and Paulette encourage Claude and Claudette to stay behind as well; they are tired of their younger siblings slowing them down as they stop to pick up trinkets and trash for their "junk collection." Claude and Claudette, unable to resist all of the "treasures" that they might find along the way, elect to go on the outing. Anatole, Gaston, George and Georgette begin their repairs on the kite, but soon find themselves flying high when a gust of wind takes the foursome for an unexpected and thrilling ride above the city!

Down below, Paul and Paulette start to lose patience with their brother and sister, who wander off repeatedly to pick up tokens and wrappers. Anatole’s little flight crew just masters the art of kite-flying when they find themselves cruising into dangerous airspace. The crows, who have had quite enough of the kite striking them mid-flight, embark on a mission to bring the kite down for good and dive-bomb the mice relentlessly. The nearest place to land the damaged kite is the top of the Eiffel Tower, and Anatole unwittingly leads the crows to a second target - Doucette and her home-made medallion, a gift from Claude and Claudette! By using Claude and Claudette’s collection of nick-nacks to distract the greedy crows, the mice buy themselves enough time to tear 9 tiny parachutes from the broken kite and glide to safety - and Paul and Paulette learn how one mouse’s trash can be another mouse’s treasure.



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