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Treasure in my Garden

Sleepy Sheep Hoedown for the Kid who won't lie Down


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Performer: Davy Gallant and Hart Rouge Director: Tania Arbic Technique: Paper cut style / traditional A graduate of Concordia University's animated film program in May 2000, Tania Arbic has added a bachelor's degree to her wealth of experience in the field, despite her young age. Sleepy Sheep Hoedown For The Kid Who Won't Lie Down is her first animated short film to have received a nomination at Annecy's MIFA Festival for Best Ordered Film in 2003. To create her film, Arbic used a paper cut technique, which she meticulously combined with aquarelle-coloured backgrounds. This enhances the film, providing a soft and childlike effect that works splendidly with this humorous song.



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