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Screening #5


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 Season:  Season 1
 Prod ID:  
 Run Time:  
 Original Air Date:  2005-08-25


Film #1: Help!
Filmmaker: Ernesto Bottger, Texas, USA
Medium: CGI
Description: A young caveman helps a dinosaur by removing a thorn that is lodged in its foot. Little does he know, a surprise awaits him for his kindness. According to filmmaker Ernesto Bottger, the film is based loosely on the story of St. Jerome who removed a thorn from a lion’s paw. Help! was Bottger's student demo reel at Vancouver Film School. www.vfs.com/~3d44ernesto

Film #2: The Z-Files
Filmmaker: Zee Risek, Quebec, Canada
Medium: Flash animation
Description: Using actual audio from propaganda films made by the U.S. government in the ’40s and ’50s, the Z-Files exposes the absurd way in which the dangers of the atom bomb were minimized for the benefit of the American public. American citizens continue with life as usual, while radiation is turning them into monsters, mutants, zombies, skeletons and all sorts of radioactive freaks. http://www.flyingiguannaproductions.com/

Film #3: The Monster Within
Filmmaker: Sean Keeton, New Jersey, USA
Medium: CGI
Description: A curious little creature stumbles upon a strange world where edible treasures lie in the bellies of papier-mâché beasts and the natives are vicious hunters armed with blunt objects. Filmmaker Sean Keeton says, "The behavior of the Monster is based on my small, neurotic dog. The behavior of the children is based on every party I ever went to before the age of 11." Keeton was studying Film and Animation at the Rochester Institute of Technology when he made this film. http://www.seankeeton.com

Film #4: To A Man With A Big Nose
Filmmaker: Cecilia Aranovich, California, USA
Medium: 2D/ CG combo
Description: Based on a poem by Spanish author Quevedo, To A Man With A Big Nose is about a man who is troubled because he is stuck with a disproportionately big nose. While we look at the portrait of this unfortunate man through the poem's comparisons and metaphors, we realize that the nose is a character with a mind of its own that ultimately dominates the man it’s attached to. To A Man With A Big Nose was developed by Aranovich as a final class project at Santa Monica College, and took nearly 14 months to complete.

Film #5: Mille
Filmmaker: Massimo Carrier Ragazzi, Monza, Italy
Medium: CGI
Description: Mr. Mille’s greatest vice is his unstoppable attraction to everything involving technology. When he comes across an interesting object, Mille finds himself caught in a situation that is surreal, explosive and comically traumatic! Maga Animation, Ragazzi’s production company, delivers a subtle, humorous metaphor about the techno excess in the world and the abuse of power. www.maga-animation.com

Film #6: Over the Moon
Filmmaker: Matt Shumway, California, USA
Medium: Hand drawn/ CG combo
Description: The dish has stolen the sacred spoon. Agent Diddle is the only one who can save the planet! Combining traditional and digital animation techniques, this animated short is inspired by the nursery rhymes we all grew up with. Only, Mother Goose never imagined it like this! Shumway was a student when he made this film, and graduated with distinction from Art Center College of Design in December 2002. www.mattshumway.com



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