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Franklin's Cookie Question / Franklin's Picnic


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 Season:  Season 5
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Franklin's Cookie Question

Franklin and Bear want their homemade cookies to last a long time, but theyíre overcome with the temptation to eat more than the daily ration. Their self-control becomes much easier when Bearís paw becomes stuck in the cookie jar.

Franklin's Picnic

Franklinís aversion to unfamiliar foods becomes more intense when he learns about the strange menu at Beaverís upcoming picnic.

Luckily, Skunk is bringing pizza, but if Franklin and Bear donít get to the picnic on time, theyíll be eating twig salad and green algae pie.



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In 1963, Created by W. Watts Biggers, Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales debuts on CBS. Don Adams provides the voice of the wise-cracking penguin.