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Franklin in Two Places / Franklin's First Star


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 Season:  Season 5
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Franklin in Two Places

Franklin overextends himself when he tries to attend Bearís ball game and Beaverís art show at the same time. Madly riding back and forth on his bicycle, Franklin soon becomes exhausted and confused, giving neither event the attention it deserves.

Franklin's First Star

Franklin and Bear are aspiring hockey pros who already have one big fan Ė Mrs. Muskrat. She regularly comes to the rink with words of encouragement and mugs of hot chocolate. When Franklin and Bear have the opportunity to meet hockey star, Coyote, they ask who his hockey hero used to be. To their surprise, Coyote praises the greatness of someone who never scored a goal.



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In 1952, Charles Grosvenor was born in Hillsdale, New Jersey.