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Franklin and the Broken Globe / Franklin's Valentines


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 Season:  Season 2
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Franklin And The Broken Globe

Franklin and Bear break the classroom globe, but their friend Goose conveniently accepts the blame. The resulting unhappiness that Goose feels begins to trouble Franklin and Bear. It becomes clear that the only way to restore their friendís self-confidence is to admit what really happened to the globe.

Franklinís Valentines

During the classroom Valentineís party, Franklin makes the distressing discovery that his handmade cards were lost en-route to school. Franklin is moved by how understanding his classmates are and decides heíll celebrate their friendships in a special way.



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In 1995, Created by Jonathan Katz and Tom Snyder, Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist (the first show to use Squigglevision on TV) debuts on Comedy Central.