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Dumb Bunnies, The

Git Along Little Bunnies


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 Season:  Season 2
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The Dumb Bunnies head for a Dude Ranch at the invitation of Prissy, their next door neighbour (actually she only sent them a “Wish You Were Here” postcard, but anytime the Dumb Bunnies can grant a wish, they hop at the chance!) Upon their arrival they find that the Uppitys have been jailed for cattle rustling! The Dumb Bunnies set out to prove their friends’ innocence, which bring them head to head with a shady character by the name of Black Bart Bunny. Refusing to bow to threats and fear (or too dumb to recognize them as such) the Dumb Bunnies prove their loyalty to their friends and clear their names. Their actions inspire Black Bart to come clean and mend some fences of his own. Yippie -yi -oh- bunny!



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