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Dumb Bunnies, The



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 Season:  Season 2
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When Grampa Upppity comes to visit Bill and Sue, they dote over him like he is a helpless puppy, convinced that he can no longer fend for himself because of his age. Seeking stimulation, Prissy takes Grampa to meet the Dumb Bunnies and if you canít find stimulation there, the fire really has gone out. Through a series of mishaps the Dumb Bunnies, Grampa et al, find themselves in a time warp that takes them back to the age of the dinosaur. It is here that Grampa proves he still has a few tricks up his sleeve and together with the Dumb Bunnies manages to return them all to the present day, just in time to save Bunnyville from an impending volcano eruption! Now thatís a full day at any age!



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