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New Adventures of Gilligan, The

The Great Train Robbery


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 Season:  Season 1
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The Castaways fear the fury of an approaching storm and build a bamboo railway to the other wide of the island. They plan to use their simple, steam powered locomotive to transport essential goods to their new camp. There are a few engineering problems along the way, including the discovery (when several of the castaways are working on the track from one end of the island, and several from the other) that the track doesn't meet in the middle!

Howell is afraid that all his money and gold may be lost if it's left behind and steals the train - unfortunately, he loses control of it. He later apologizes to the others, and the storm fortunately misses the island. In the end, the railway becomes a source of amusement to the island's monkeys, who use it as a roller coaster.



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