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New Adventures of Gilligan, The

The Movie Makers


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 Season:  Season 1
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While searching for one of Mr. Howell's golf balls in a cave, Gilligan and his pet monkey, Snubby, find World War Two filming equipment. The castaways decide to make a series of short, dramatic movies. The Castaways have set up the projector in a hut, and when Snubby flicks it on, he sees that the reel on the projector is an instructional film on how to build a lifeboat. The Castaways start filming various scenes: The Skipper as a business tycoon, Ginger as his secretary, the professor and Mary Ann in a medical soap opera...and at night, the castaways all sneak into the projection hut to "cut in" their best scenes. When they play their film, they are horrified to see between them, they have butchered the reel of boat-building instructions.



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