New Adventures of Gilligan, The

Live and Let Live


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Gilligan makes a friend of a young elephant he finds on the other side of the island. He brings it home to the Castaways' camp, but the others tell him to take the elephant back to the jungle. The Castaways have been growing increasingly annoyed at the island's animals. For example, Mr. and Mrs. Howell's picnic is ruined, first by a hippo that carries the surprised millionaire into the lagoon (he had sat on the creature, thinking it was a large rock half submerged) and then by the "rope" which Lovey throws to him, which turns out to be a python. The Castaways, despite Gilligan's protests, intend to move the animals to the other side of the island.

In the meantime, two jewel thieves have landed on the island and hide their loot in a hollow log. Gilligan happens upon the log while trying to get rid of his elephant, who keeps following him like a lost puppy. When Gilligan finds the diamonds, he's aghast. He decides to keep their existance a secret from his friends because, "If the others find out there are diamonds on this island, they'll be trying to move the animals to another island!"

The Castaways have drawn up an elaborate plan, including a conveyor belt and large cage that they'll use to relocate the animals. However, a gorilla finds the plans and shares them with the other animals. The animals now know enough not to fall into the trap.

The jewel thieves return and threaten the castaways, who hide in the cage they've built, inadvertently shutting themselves in. Gilligan happens upon them and is chased by the thieves. The animals then swing into action, frightening the two thieves out of their wits. The two thieves get thrown onto the conveyor belt and whisked into the jungle, where they board their seaplane and flee for their lives.

The animals then free the Castaways from the cage, and they are so grateful that they abandon their plan to move the animals.



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