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New Adventures of Gilligan, The

Sputtering Eagle


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 Season:  Season 1
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This episode in some way resembles the live action episode "Wrongway Feldman," and echoes the future movie, "The Castaways on Gilligan's Island."

The Castaways discover the wreckage of an old one-man airplane. Unfortunately, the Professor, who is the only one who's had any pilot training, has been injured and has temporary amesia. Mr. Howell then begins boasting that he was a World War 2 flying ace, nicknamed "The Golden Eagle." He says that although he's too old to fly now, he could teach Gilligan how and therefore ensure a rescue. He nicknames Gilligan "The Golden Sparrow."

The lessons begin, but Gilligan doesn't realize that Howell has no idea what he's doing: the millionaire was lying about his past in order to win the admiration of the others. As the day of Gilligan's departure approaches, Howell gets more and more nervous. He realizes that he can't allow Gilligan to make this flight, but he's afraid to confess his lies to the others. Eventually, Howell takes off in the plane himself and crashes into the ocean. He bails out in time, but the plane is lost, just as the professor regains his memory. The castaways make Howell write out the words, "I will not boast" 100 times.



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