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New Adventures of Gilligan, The

The Reluctant Hero


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 Season:  Season 1
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The Skipper and Mary Anne see a suspicious movement in the bushes. Gilligan knows it's only his kite-string tugged by the wind, but Mary Anne is convinced it's a lion and is grateful to the Skipper for "protecting" her. When Gilligan protests that there was never any lion, the Skipper and Mary Anne think he must be jealous of the Skipper's heroism, and get the others involved in a plan to make Gilligan a hero (similar to the live action episode, "How to Be a Hero.")

One of the plans involved Mary Anne pretending to be drowning. She waded into the water and proceeded to flail and scream for all she was worth, while Gilligan simply sat on the beach and grinned. We soon learned why. One of his animal friends, a young whale, surfaced right under Mary Anne and spouted her to safety!

Later, the Professor warns that a volcanic eruption is imminent, while Mary Anne is still somewhere in the jungle. "Mary Anne's out there!" the Skipper cries. "Oh, I'll go get her," Gilligan replies calmly, and sets off. The others are amazed at his courage. Here's the Howells' exchange:

LOVEY: Imagine, that dear boy unafraid of the corruption of a volcano!

THURSTON: Eruption, Lovey! Eee! Eee! Eee!

LOVEY: Eee! Eee! Eee! yourself, Thurston. The corruption of a volcano is nothing to laugh at!

When Gilligan arrives with Mary Anne safely in tow, the others praise him. Gilligan can't understand why.

GILLIGAN: But the professor said the eruption was imminent. That means it doesn't have any power.

PROFESSOR: Gilligan, that's impotent! Imminent means at any moment!

Gilligan is shocked.

The eruption proves to be less than what the professor feared, and in an interesting ending twist, Gilligan discovers that there really is a lion on the island!



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