Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

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 Season:  Season 1
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The Lightening Leagueís ship narrowly misses a head-on collision with a Science Ark heading towards Geddon IV. The Arkís proprietor Professor IíLah explains that he and many other scientists have been looking for Audric, but the Monster Minds have been sending out fake hailings with Audricís code signature from Geddon IV to other scientists, luring many would-be rescuers into traps. The trapped scientists are then forced to create more Monster Minds and other fearsome weapons and creatures for Saw Boss. Jayce proposes that the Ark follow the hailing signal, he and the Lightening League will come along and foil the Monster Mindís nefarious plot. Jayce and the others go under cover as scientists and meet Dr. Orbis, an old friend of Audricís. The team manages to spring the scientists but not without triggering a chain reactions that ends up destroying the entire planet of Geddon IV and all the Monster Minds inhabiting it.



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