Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

The Stallions of Sandeen


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 Season:  Season 1
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The Monster Minds have a curious new secret weapon known as Flap Jacks. Flap Jacks emit thermal rays that overheat vehicle engines (this is bad news for a force that relies heavily on their tricked-out viney rides). Gillian suggests a road trip to the twin-sun planet Sandeen where they can obtain special amethysts called “Cooling Gems” to keep their vehicle’s radiators from blowing. The Emperor Ramsey and his army who ride bat-winged horses give the Lightening League a hard time but guy named Antar and his troops who ride feathered-winged Clydesdales send them packing. It seems Ramsey forced a hostile takeover of the government earlier and now Antar wants to restore democracy. Ramsey is maintaining control of the planet because he controls a sort of “death ray” laser powered by Sandeen’s twin suns. Ramsey makes a deal with Saw Boss, promising to hand over Jayce. Jayce reinforces everyone’s vehicles with Cooling Gems and stages a diversion while Antar and his army captures the laser. Antar uses the laser to defeat the Monster Minds and captures Ramsey in the process. Democracy is restored and Ramsey is sentenced to mucking out the horses' stables.



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