Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

Affair of Honor


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 Season:  Season 1
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Jayce and the Lightening have been fighting over week to protect the Green Planet from invading Monster Minds. The team manages to beat back the marauding weeds but more are on their way. Jayce suggests enlisting the aid of the space Commandos, but it seems the leader of the Commandos, General Ghest has gone into retirement on the Desert Planet after a crushing defeat many years ago. Jayce and company make the journey to the Desert Planet hoping to enlist Ghestís help but he refuses. Ghestís son Darren, however, offers his assistance as well as the services of the remaining Commandos. The Saw Boss learns of this and offers Ghest a deal: he will call off the Monster Minds making it look as if General Ghest and his cowardly Commandos have conquered the alien plants in exchange for Jayce and his half of the Root. Ghest agrees and attempts to lure Jacye into the Saw Bossís clutches by telling him that Audric is lying wounded in a nearby fort. Jayce, Darren, and the loyal Commandos easily drive off the Monster Minds. Watching his son and Jayce fight off the Monster Minds, Ghest has a change of heart and confesses his plot with the Saw Boss. Instead of sending Jayce into the trap, Ghest and his Commandos bravely fight of the waiting Monster Minds, banishing them from the planet.



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