Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

Bounty Hunters


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 Season:  Season 1
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Audric’s last message points to the planet Korgon. The only problem is, Korgon is near Galaxy Two-Zero, a sort of space age Tortuga where all the brigands and bounty hunters of outer space hang out. Jayce decrees that they are going anyway. Meanwhile, the Saw Boss puts about bounty on Jayce’s head (why didn’t he think of this sooner?) promising “the weight over Jupiter in gold” for Jayce’s capture and twice that for the Root. Jayce and the Lightening League make it to Korgon and find Audric’s message. Audric will be on the planet Berkleyem for the next 24hrs. There’s just one problem; while Oon and Jayce were out looking for Audric’s message, pirates had attacked the ship. Herc is wounded by one of the pirates and contracts a deadly virus that causes him to behave the opposite from the way he normally acts. In short, Herc is now a bad guy. The league is forced to make a detour to Hippocraticus (subtle, ne?) the “Healing Planet” where the herbs necessary to cure Herc grow. The Monster Minds and pirates attack, but the Lightening League doesn’t stick around to do battle. With no one else to attack, the vine turn on the pirates. Jayce, as the hero, rescues the pirates who are now very sorry for their behavior. Herc is cured and he and the others hurry to Berkleyem to meet Audric.



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