Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

Quest into Shadow


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 Season:  Season 1
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Gillian decides the Saw Boss was on to something with the last episode’s satellites, so he makes some spy satellites of his own and sends them off into space. Through the satellites, the team learns of a strangely untouched planet deep in the heart of Monster Mind territory. The Lightening League investigates and discovers a barren, desolate world with no life on it at all save for the Dark Queen and her soldiers the Shadow Warriors. She explains that this world is a unique dimension of anti-life. Everything that comes to the planet will die unless they receive her touch. Brock accepts and when the Dark Queen lays her hand on him, he disappears. Jayce declines her offer and tries to return to space on his own, but the ship’s power reserves have fallen dramatically, Oon is starting to rust, Flora is looking moldy, and the other humans feel like they could use a nap. In desperation, Jayce returns to the Dark Queen and asks that he and his friends be touched. The Dark Queen touches them and the team is transported to another plane, vibrant with life. Brock is already there waiting. The Dark Queen explains the situation and offers the team a vacation, but they insist they must hurry on and try to locate Audric.



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