Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

Blockade Runners


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 Season:  Season 1
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The planet Baz has been keeping the Monster Minds at bay by using hundreds of gallons of Roundup on their planet. The only problem is NOTHING can grow in their soil as long as they continue to use the defoliants. To make matters worse, the Monster Minds have formed a blockade of vines around the planetís atmosphere, cutting off all outside supply lines. Ina, the planetís ruler, sends a messenger to Jayce, begging him for help. Jayce gladly accepts the mission. Thereís just one problem, Flora is a human plant and the defoliants are causing her to wither. Jayce devises a simple and painfully obvious solution to the problem: just fire defoliant-loaded missiles at the web of vines. Jayceís gardening skills save the day. Flora revives and Ina offers to make Jayce her king. Jayce declines in order to continue his search for his father and to ensure that there will be more than eleven episodes to the series.



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In 1964, Macho voice actor and TV star Patrick Warburton is born.