Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

The Slaves of Adelbaren


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The planet Adelbaren is one of the most fertile in the galaxy so naturally, the Monster Minds invaded and took over. All the natives on Adelbaren are slaves of the Monster Minds, forced to mine minerals deep beneath the planetís surface. All the slaves are kept trapped behind a force field so they cannot escape or get to their weapons to fight back. The Saw Boss attempts to capture Jayce by tricking one of the slaves- a young girl name Kumari- into luring Jayce and the Lightening League to the planet. However, Kumari warns Jayce of the trap. Jayce manages to trick the Monster Minds and in the end, Kumariís people are freed and it is the Monster Minds who end up trapped behind the force field.



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In 2004, at age 88, veteran comic book artist Irv Novick died.