Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors



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 Season:  Season 1
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Jayce and the Lightening League intercept a warning message intended for the Saw Boss: stay away from the planet Kyros, everything there is turning into crystal! Intrigued, Jacye and his crew set out for Kyros and discover that this is indeed true. Only a small part of a city is still organic, kept that way by a magic gem known as the Bloodstone. The Saw Boss had sent a massive spider to drain the Bloodstone’s energy and that is why the whole planet is becoming crystallized. Jayce volunteers to vanquish the spider, thereby restoring the Bloodstone’s power and enabling the planet to return to it’s natural state. After passing through some Indiana Jones-like obstacles, Jayce with Oon’s help is able to conquer the spider and restore Kyros to the way it was before.



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