Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

Hook, Line and Sinker


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 Season:  Season 1
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Illusions abound on a strange planet of many levels of rock, wind, and mist. The Monster Minds offer Jayce a deal: the Root in exchange for his father Audric. The obviousness of the trap is not lost on Jayce and he plans accordingly. The Monster Minds send a hologram of Audric and attempt to capture Jayce, only to be ambushed themselves. That does not stop Jayce from getting lost within the layers of the maze-like planet. He encounters an old flying fish named Phinneas (Brock’s grandfather?) who confesses to creating the illusion of Audric. The Monster Minds had threatened to pull the “plug” separating the layers of this world thereby causing the atmosphere’s to mix and creating a deadly poison. Jayce suggests Phinneas create an image of the Root to distract the Monster Minds from pulling the plug. Phinneas dose so and the Monster Minds greedily chase the image of the Root and plunge into the Radiation Rapids.



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